Weather in NaN

I like to know what the weather will be like, approximately, for the day. Here in the lowcountry of South Carolina it helps to know if I should wear a T-shirt or a T-shirt while carrying a bucket of water that I can dump on myself occasionally. I also like to know the weather where my friends are. That way I know if I don’t hear from them for a while it may be because of that tornado that just ripped through the city. However, when last I checked their weather I was thwarted by an evil foe. The dreaded city of NaN!

The powerful city of NaN doesn’t need its name to be displayed for it displays its name through the temperature. NaN is NaN all the time, and NaNtonians like it NaN. The highs and lows for NaN are always NaN. The greatest temperature ever recorded was in 1902 and it was NaN. There are no days of the week in NaN, only NaN, and only NaNtonians know when the NaN changes from one NaN to the next.

A Brief History of NaN

  • NaN was founded in the year 1327 by King NaN and his bevy of followers who called themselves, the NaN.
  • NaN is a strict monarchy now under the rule of the 34th monarch; King NaN.
  • The average temperature in NaN is NaN. Average rainfall is NaN.
  • NaN has fives seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and NaN (Which occurs randomly)
  • NaN has fought in only one war, the War of NaN. It’s adversary was NaN (itself). NaN won the battle.
  • The Church of NaN is the official state religion, not that there are any competitors- for there is only NaN.
  • Nanotech was invented in NaN.
  • GDP of NaN is 326 NaNoolian.
  • All bananas are grown in NaN.

Author: Travis


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